ASTeL 1.2 Single-Phase Meter Test Equipment

ASTeL 1.2 Single-Phase Meter Test Equipment

  • Fully automatic procedures for meter testing
  • Automatic meter adjustment routines
  • Accuracy classes of the reference standard: 0.01, 0.02, 0.04
  • Wide range of voltages up to 480 V and currents up to 240 A
  • Independent operation of voltage and current signals
  • Harmonics generation capability up to the 50th
  • Comprehensive range of safety features
  • Flexible and extensive number of testing positions
  • Simultaneous testing of meters with different constants
  • Feature-rich Windows® based control software
  • Special features and extensions available on request

ASTeL 1.2 meter test equipment is a fully automatic system that enables simultaneous, multi-position calibration and verification of single-phase electric energy meters. ASTeL 1.2 offers full compatibility with IEC 60736. Thanks to excellent parameters, superior functionality and outstanding flexibility, ASTeL 1.2 is an ideal solution for utility companies, energy meter manufacturers, governmental institutes of metrology, metrological laboratories, and other customers interested in electricity meters testing.


ASTeL 1.2 is designed for testing a diverse range of electric energy meters. Those include but are not limited to:

  • active and reactive energy
  • electromechanical (also with impulse outputs) and electronic
  • with closed I-P links
  • multi-tariff, up to 16 tariffs
  • multifunctional and multi-quadrant with active/reactive energy/power  registers
  • prepaid meters
  • smart meters with data communication
  • reference standards, portable and stationary multifunction multimeters etc.

Support for customer’s specific meters can be added upon request.


ASTeL 1.2 enables performing tests as required by international standards. Those include but are not limited to:

  • basic error (accuracy test)
  • starting current
  • no-load run
  • testing energy registers (dial test) and maximum demand indicator
  • constant test
  • checking the maximum demand registers (electromechanical or electronic)
  • checking the pulse outputs
  • pre-heating
  • testing the influence of frequency, harmonic distortion, voltage, current and other parameters on meter under test error

Customer’s specific tests can be added upon request.


ASTeL 1.2 is a modular construction. Major parts of the system include:


Single phase power sources with different output powers and different harmonics ability are available. Read more


Single phase reference standards with accuracy 0.04, 0.02 and 0.01 are available. Read more


Single phase suspension racks with different number of test positions, different test positions arrangement, manual or pneumatic meter clamping, optional IP separating transformers and a vast range of accessories and options are available. Read more


Windows® base operating software with wizards, rich libraries, automatic meter adjustment routines, reporting and scripting is available in many languages. Customer’s specific features can be added upon request. Read more


Standard versions of the ASTeL 1.2 meter test equipment are able to generate harmonics up to the 21st order.  Enhanced harmonics versions marked with H are able to generate harmonics up to the 50th order.


In addition to highly customizable ASTeL 1.2 meter test equipment, fully customized, made on order meter test equipment is available.

ASTeL model1.24(H) (1)1.22(H) (1)1.21(H) (1)
Number of phasesSingle phase
Accuracy@ PF=1±0.02%±0.01%±0.005%
@ PF≥0.5±0.04%±0.02%±0.01%
Power SourceTypePS1(H) (1)
Voltage source400VA, 1200VA, 2000VA, 2600VA
Operating voltage range1 x 30 … 350 (480)V (Phase-Neutral) (2)
Current source600VA, 1600VA, 2400VA, 3000VA, 3600VA, 4000VA, 4050VA, 6000VA
Operating current range1 x 1 mA … 120 (240)A (2)
Frequency40 … 70Hz (3)
Std. harmonics version up to the 21st, user programmable
H harmonics versionup to the 50th, user programmable (4)
Reference standardRX-20RX-21RX-23
Suspension rackTypeSR-1
Number of positions1 … 80 (as per customer requirements)
IP separationMultisecondary voltage separating transformer MSVT
Voltage separating transformer VTS
Current separating transformer CTS-D1
SoftwareAsTest software for Windows®
Other accessoriesOptical port reader OPTO, Hand-held terminal HHT

(1) Notation (H) means that optional H version is available, e.g. ASTeL 1.24(H) means two versions are available ASTeL 1.24 and ASTeL 1.24H.

(2) Other values are available upon request.

(3) Operating range. Specified range from 45 to 65 Hz.

(4) Fulfills Chinese standard JJG 597-2005.

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